Tis the season to protect your skin from harsh UV rays and sun damage. Cannabis has skin healing potential like anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-oxidant properties. Both CBD and THC are effective anti-oxidants. CBD actually is a more powerful anti-oxidant than Vitamin C and E.

For skin care, a topical is what you are seeking.  In particular, a topical containing CBD oil, whether Hemp or Cannabis derived, CBD has healing properties for the skin.  Studies have demonstrated that cannabis has successful results with various types of skin ailments.

CBD can alleviate skin agitation caused by bug bites, burns, infections, scrapes, eczema, and acne.   A stressed immune system can cause skin to overreact and activate a rash causing dry itchy patches.  Dry skin may benefit from CBD products by soothing the skin and relieving the inflammation.

So what does Summit have to offer you?

Summit provides Mary’s Nutritionals Burn Out Topical Mist which refreshes and hydrates sun damaged skin as well as other skin irritations.  It is made from Hemp extract, aloe vera, lavender, German Blue Chamomile, and melaleuca.

Summit also has available a facial serum, Zena Glow.  Apply this serum topically to a freshly washed face, neck, and chest in the morning and evening. Zena Glow Facial Serum is a creation of moisturizing oils, revitalizing vitamins, healing herbs and botanicals, Bulgarian Rose oil and full spectrum Pure CO2 Hemp extract.  This formula was designed as nature intended, to gently restore your skin’s glow!

Ask a Member Liaison for details the next time you are visiting Summit Medical Center.

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