Platinum” a 900mg is our newest cartridge is distilled oil containing a high THC concentration.  The THC potency is greater than 900mg. It’s a half gram cartridge that fits an Uno battery.  Potency will vary with each batch. “Just right for when the highest THC potency is needed to relieve chronic pain and discomfort.”

Gold” is a 600mg THC cartridge – our medium strength THC cartridge.  Added to the distillate oil, are botanically sourced terpenes and Medium Chain Trigylceride Oil, MCT. “Go gold when you don’t want something as strong as platinum.”

Symphony” is a 300mg full spectrum cartridge that is un-distilled, refined cannabis oil, RCO.  Added to the RCO are botanically sourced terpenes and MCT Oil. “A great choice to assist with pain relief and induce sleep for those who desire the complete range of cannabis compounds.”

Synergy” a 300mg full spectrum RCO, un-distilled cartridge with equal amounts of THC and CBD.  It’s considered a 1:1 ratio.  Added to the RCO are MCT, CBD isolate and botanically sourced terpenes. “For those who are new to medical marijuana and want to start low and go slow.”

CBD Full Spectrum” is a 250mg cartridge extracted from Organic Industrial Hemp.  The hemp oil naturally contains cannaflavins, cannabinoids, some terpenes and 0.3% or less THC.  Added to this oil is MCT. “Perfect to start with for relief of pain and anxiety without the THC euphoria.”

The Gold, Symphony, Synergy, and CBD cartridges are a full gram and fit 510 thread batteries.  Cartridges may help with sleep, relieve pain, stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, and calm anxiety.

Ask our Member Liaisons about Summit’s vape cartridges the next time you visit us!

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