The First 22 Days of 2022 Raffle

The First 22 Days of 2022 Raffle!

As Summit begins a new year there’s a lot to be excited about, like our BIG raffle.

We will select 3 raffle winners and all 3 will receive a $250 gift card to Summit! Each purchase you make of $100 dollars or more between 01/02/2022 and 01/22/2022 will earn you an entry. However, only 1 ticket per patient per day is allowed (you can make multiple purchases in a day if you need to). Tickets are dispersed when you purchase at the register. If you have any questions or concerns ask your budtender for more info. Good luck to those participating in the raffle , and Happy New Year from Summit! The winners will be announced on 01/23/2022

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Starting a new health regiment? Check out this article and pick up some healthy eating tips for the new year: 

The cold weather brings the sniffles, as a result there is no better time to prioritize your well being. Here at summit our aim is to improve our patients quality of life. Tell us your ideas for how Summit can do more and help you on your health journey.

Also, it’s important to stay on the lookout for pop up sales and offers. We send notifications to patients through the Summit App with details on offers and daily specials. You can download our app here:

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