Summit O2 Vape Batteries

The all new Summit O2 Vape batteries put all the power in your hands. This new and improved line of batteries means you’ll find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The “3.7v Button” combines simplicity and ease of use. Set to the ideal voltage just screw in your cart and go.

Summit 3.7V Button O2 Vape Battery

Customize your hit with with the temp control capabilities of the Vari Vape. Turn dial voltages from 3.7v – 4.8v lets you choose your sweet spot.

Summit Vari Vape

The XL button is great for travel and those who want to spend less time charging. This battery will burn a full cartridge start to finish off one full charge!

Summit XL Button Battery

The “Lil Bitty” battery is sleek and powerful. Equipped with 3 temperature settings you’ll be sure to find the perfect temp for any cartridge.

Summit Lil Bitty Battery

The Flip Ultra is a top of the line battery with a discrete flip design that protects your cartridge when not in use. Equipped with an LED screen for adjustable temp settings and a PUFF COUNTER! The Flip Ultra even has a dual charging port for micro USB and Lightning chargers.

Summit Flip Ultra Battery

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